Media Services


Are you a business owner or entrepreneur with a great product, service or idea you want to promote?  A specialty business or service aiming for higher brand awareness through exciting visual content?

Loose Noose is your answer!

We provide cinematography and photography services to a variety of clients, artists, and businesses.

#1 – The Trailer – 30 – 90 seconds

It’s all about who and what you or your company is, what you do and what that means for your clients or customers. Let’s get the message out there!

#2 – The Prime Video – Up to 5 minutes

From concept to completion with in-depth promotional content based on your unique needs.

#3 – The Full Production – Length Determined By Script(s)

The Full Production is the original creation of your wildest dreams. Video Series? Commercial? Music Video? Instructional? Business Documentary? The sky is the limit! Ready for broadcast television, theatre advertisement, or web release.

#4 – Photography

Products, advertisements, fashion, creative elements, headshots, and portraiture photoshoot, with on-location and mobile studio options.

We are based in Toronto, Canada.

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