About Loose Noose Entertainment

Based in Toronto, Canada, Loose Noose Entertainment is an independent production company founded by Writer, Director, and Editor Jonathan Chiovitti.  Creating well crafted, visually entertaining and intriguing films, videos, and commercials is only exceeded by our dedication to the work itself.

There is no greater joy than imaginative and inventive creation.

About Jonathan Chiovitti


Inspiration can strike anywhere and in many different ways.  Being struck with the idea that “it” can be done, is strong.  The key is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, those who believe in you and the seemingly impossible task of creating “something”.

Jonathan started using cameras and editing video in 1997, moving into digital editing in the earliest incarnations of the software of the day, up to the HD video content of today.

By 2003, he had worked on a variety of diverse films and videos in the Greater Toronto Area and was looking to do more.  In 2005 he branched out on his own to develop Loose Noose Entertainment.